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Guest Blogger: Catherine Rose Putsche

Several months ago I visited Italy, a trip itinerary that included searching for an oasis of calm. I was hoping to find a place with no interruptions to stop the flow of new ideas for my latest work in progress, Living Captive.

I started out with a certain degree of skepticism as I found myself questioning, do such places really exist? And if so, where might they be?

In my exploration of creativity, I chanced upon a small town called Bomarzo, situated in Lazio, a lesser- known tourist attraction. The tour led me to Parco dei Mostri (“The Monster Park”). It was idyllic, spooky and inspiring.  I was surrounded by tranquil gardens, running streams, and peopled by mythical creatures carved out of stone. This 16th century swathe of weirdness was originally commissioned by Vicino Orsini, a grieving widower in memory of his wife.

I appreciate that the premise isn’t every writer’s idea of paradise, but for me it was frightening and inspiring, perfect to infuse my work of fiction. It’s only half a day’s drive from where I live, so I hope to visit it more often. Well, at least my muse is now talking to me again… though I wish it would stop creeping up behind me.

About the Writer

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Catherine Rose Putsche is a British author and a native speaker who teaches English as a second language to young and adult learners in Austria. Originally from the North of England,  she graduated in software engineering and had a successful career as a systems administrator before discovering her many other talents.You can learn more about Catherine and her books at  Catherine Rose Putsche