I Have a Bad Case of, “Do I Really Have to Write?”


Guest Blogger: Regina Puckett

In 2015 I had a banner writing year. I didn’t become rich and famous, but inspiration picked me up and carried me through the entire year on its swift wings. I released five Steampunk novels, four poetry books, three children’s picture stories, and the fifth book in my Warren Family series.

This year, I didn’t accomplish anything though I finished a children’s picture book that began in late 2015. These days, I find myself struggling with writing.

I was certain my new found inspiration would stay for a while. I even promised my readers several more books. The way things are looking right now, these new stories may never see the light of day.

Every day I open my laptop to finish my new manuscript, A Man Called Rat. After several hours of staring at the blank page, I realized I don’t know how to go forward with the story. I love my protagonist, Rat, and I really want to tell his tale, but he stopped talking to me.

I’m not afraid of a dry writing spell. I’ve survived it before. I don’t want to be the type of writer who scrounges through the manuscript garbage bin trying to find materials that can be saved.  I don’t see the point in punishing myself. Why would I want to turn the one thing I love to do into something I hate?

Do I want to rush myself?  No. Will I write again?  Certainly. Maybe one day, Rat will talk to me again. Then I’ll tell his tale. That’s what a good friend does… we help each other.

About the Writer

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Regina Puckett is an award-winning author of several books. She has been writing for over forty-eight years. Her works include romance, horror, inspirational, Steampunk, children’s picture books and poetry.   She lives in Tennessee with her husband. She has two grown daughters and four grandchildren.  For more information, please visit her official website at Regina Puckett.