That Magical Space Where You Write


Guest Blogger: Trish Sugarek

I think one of your tools, as a writer, should be a special work space.  Do you have an extra room? Even, if it’s all you have, a large closet will serve.  Somewhere you can call you own, a space that will become a creative oasis. Where no one enters except by invitation.

And it can change from day to day. I have interviewed many authors and they write on the beach, a coffee shop, on the train, in a lonely cabin in the mountains.

I’ve always had the luxury of a spare room to call my studio.  On my walls I am surrounded by my own water color artwork, framed letters from my publisher, photos of theatre productions. In one corner is my desk and a comfortable chair.

My desktop computer has the place of honor as I do all my writing there.  I simply can’t write long hand as I cannot write fast enough when the spirit is on me!  I type seventy five words a minute and sometimes that’s too slow.

In the corner by a window sits my drafting/art table. Most mornings, Fiona, my assistant, snoozes or stalks birds through the window, from her comfy cushion.

A framed piece hangs nearby that I read at least once a week.  It says:  “The most creative force on earth is the post-menopausal woman with zest!”

In my early days of writing, when my ego was more fragile there was a sign on the closed door of my studio that stated, “Writer at play”.  The name of my web site was born with that little scrap of paper.

Let it flow… don’t give yourself messages like, ‘I must write two hours a day’…’I don’t have time to write today’… Why am I writing? This is awful.’ What if you have nothing to say on any given day and you’d rather be writing a blog, or painting, or scrap booking, or singing or cooking? So what? Your creative juices will be there tomorrow.

Relax!  But find a space; a room, a closet, an attic, a corner −that’s just for you and your creative spirit!

About the Writer


Trisha Sugarek has enjoyed a twenty year career writing stage plays, fiction, children’s books and poetry. In addition to a half a dozen full length plays, she has written eight novels, of which five are murder mysteries.  Her recently published book, “The Creative Writers Journal and Handbook,” offers advice how to hone one’s writing skills. Trisha lives in Savannah, Georgia with her two golden retrievers, Rocky and Gus and their cat, Fiona. To learn more about her, please visit  writeratplay