Wipe Off The Wind


Guest Blogger: Carmen Amato

My late great German Shepherd Rudi didn’t like wind. If a gust of air blew into her face, she’d immediately head for the next piece of upholstered furniture and vigorously rub her muzzle against it.

Sometimes all it took was to blow softly or aim a hair dryer to have her thunder over to the sofa to get rid of that annoying breeze. We’d laugh and say that Rudi wanted to “wipe off the wind.”

As authors, the winds of negativity often blow our way. What if we, too, could wipe off that wind?

Wipe off the wind of self-doubt.

Wipe off the wind of resentful comparison.

Wipe off the wind of others’ definition of success.

Wipe off the wind of the naysayers who make us question our creativity.

Wipe off the wind of the distractions which steal our creative hours.

Rudi never lingered over the task of wiping off the wind and we shouldn’t, either.

Just wipe and go.

Go write. Now.

About the Author

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Originally from New York, Carmen Amato’s experiences living in Mexico and Central America drive the authenticity and drama of her thriller and mystery novels. Her Emilia Cruz police procedural series pits the first and only female detective on the Acapulco police force against Mexico’s drug war and legendary government corruption. The film and television rights to the book series have been acquired by screenwriter and director, Emily Skopov. You can learn more about Carmen and her books at http://carmenamato.net/

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