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The Little Book of Muses invites the reader to embark on a fantastical journey to discover the beauty of the written word. Within its pages is a collection of poetic, whimsical sayings with words entwined to serenade the logophile, invoke a storyteller’s soul, and warm the writer’s spirit. From elegant phrases, humorous expressions to thought-provoking reflections, this is a delightful book to sip tea, ponder, and dip in and out of often for a generous dose of literary inspiration.

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Spanish and Italian Edition

ElPequenoLibroFnl IlPiccoloLibroFnl

The Little Book of Muses, originally published in English on Amazon, is now available in Spanish and Italian.

The originaldesign of the book cover is retained, but each cover is differentiated by color tones with the titles and subtitles translated in their respective language.

The books are sold in e-book format at the respective online bookstores: Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Gardner, 3M, Kobo and Tolino.

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