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Personal Short Stories


This is a 45-page kindle book by Khaled Talib who self-published it on Amazon, a compilation of really, really short personal stories from around the world. Stories include a yearning to steal King Tut’s dagger, keeping a secret for his school teacher, and an encounter with a psychic. “I Swear It Happened Just Like This” is the kind of book that beats staring out the window … if words expire and you don’t know what else to talk about.


 Bundles of Joy 


The Story Collection, Story Bundle is once again available to you. Running from May 11 to June 2,  you get to choose what you wish to pay. The authors have done the hard work of gathering up these amazing stories and all you, the reader, need to do is enjoy! You can also donate to a charitable beneficiary, which for this bundle is the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.


Want to read The Little Book of Muses in Italian, Spanish or Portuguese?


The Little Book of Muses is currently being translated into Italian, Spanish and Italian. It will be available at your usual online bookstores. We’ll keep you updated.


Writers Residency 

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If your writing touches on environmental or biological themes in any way, you might like to join the Lacawac Artists Residency this June or July.  Writers get their own room in the rustic lodge on the lake on a 550-acre nature sanctuary. There is no fee to apply. To learn more, visit Lacawac Artists’ Residency


Creative Thinking


A while ago, a school in the United States asked The Quoted Cup if they were willing to donate one of the handmade cups with our quote on it. Of course we said yes.

The school felt it would be a good way to encourage students in a particular creative class to think differently. The school liked the words on the cup in the above picture.


Build Your Own Blog Writers Scholarship 2015

To enter, upload a piece of writing between 100 and 5,000 words. Entries may be any poem, short story, blog post or piece of writing that you are particularly proud of.
The Build Your Own Blog New Writer Scholarship has been set up by blogger, copywriter and ghostwriter.  Closing date is 29 November. To sign up, click here:  Build Your Own Blog New Writers Scholarship

Climate Change Sci-Fi Contest: Win $1,000 and Publication

Arizona State University is holding its first ever Climate Fiction Short Story Contest.  You can learn more at this link: http://boingboing.net/2015/10/23/climate-change-science-fiction.html 

The Book Machine

Dear readers, here is a link to the community The Books Machine, which brings authors and readers together in that unique and special world only words can make real. Good books to read await you at the following link: http://www.thebooksmachine.com

Bundles of Sci Fi eBooks for Your Reading Pleasure

PKD.2015.All Covers Large

The Philip K Dick Award Storybundle  has joined Storybundle.com to offer readers eBook packages united by a genre or theme.

At Storybundle, readers pay  for a fix set of sci-fi books  offered in a bundle, and each bundle is available only for a limited time. These bundles may be downloaded DRM-free to all devices. Readers can also choose to donate to a charitable organization.

The Philip K Dick Award Storybundle will launch on September 23, 2015 and last through October 15, 2015.

Storybundle offers books by authors who have received recognition and multiple awards, in addition to the PKD Award, for excellence in science fiction published in the US as a paperback (trade or mass market) original.

The charitable recipient of the Philip K Dick Award Storybundle is Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, the advocate for writers’ rights, supporter of the Nebula Award, and sponsor of numerous literacy programs.


Simply Wow!


On a suburban street in Syracuse, New York, PARA Project, an architectural office, designed a three-story garage and studio space for a family of writers. The studio, which adjoins a traditional home, features a library and writing space on its second level, which, at the owners’ request, comes complete with a sunken bathtub. Its uppermost level serves as a peaceful reading room.


Self-Published Ebooks Awards

Writer’s Digest is hosting its 3rd Annual Self-Published e-Book Awards –a competition that spotlights today’s self-published works and honors self-published authors. Whether you’re a professional writer, a part-time freelancer or a self-starting student, here’s your chance to enter WD’s newest competition, exclusively for self-published e-books. Deadline, August 3, 2015. 

University of Cambridge – Creative Writing Summer School 

2-15 August, 2015


The Creative Writing Summer School at Cambridge is designed for participants who wish to develop their existing writing skills. Elements will focus on writing for performance (stage, radio, television and film), short stories, non-fiction and the writer’s art, in a range of genres and styles. Course Directors – all established writers – will set practical writing tasks, and guide students in critical reflection on their own work and that of their fellow students, as well as on the work of published writers. Find out more at Creative Writing Summer School


Oxford Professor of Poetry Post Elected


The graduates of Oxford University has elected British poet Simon Armitage to serve as the Oxford Professor of Poetry—a five-year position just second in prestige to the UK poet laureateship.


Hay-On-Wye: An Amazing Town

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Hay-On-Wye is famous for its beautiful bookstores. Located between the border of England and Wales, this is a must visit place for every book lover.  For the last 27 years, the Hay Festival has brought together writers from around the world to debate and share stories at its festival. The festival was dubbed by Bill Clinton as “The Woodstock of the Mind.” The next festival will take place from 26 May till 5 June, 2016.


Lifetime Achievement Award 


Shirley Hughes, children’s author and illustrator, has become the Booktrust first Lifetime Achievement Award winner.  Her most celebrated works are the Alfie series of books and Dogger, which in 2007 was voted the public’s favourite winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal of all times. Shirley’s first book, Lucy & Tom at the Seaside, was published in 1960. She published her first children’s novel, Hero on a Bicycle, three years ago.


Go Read This Book


It would be hard not to read the sequel to Harper Lee’s  Pulitzer Prize winning novel, To Kill A Mockingbird. Not surprisingly, Go Set A Watchman, has become the most pre-ordered novel on Amazon since the final Harry Potter book.  Interestingly, the manuscript was discarded, and was only rediscovered when the author’s  lawyer found it with the original To Kill a Mockingbird manuscript in a safety deposit box.


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